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Swarsudha Baithak

I have started organizing house concerts ( Baithak concerts) at different venues around Aundh & Pimplesaudagar area in Pune.Now Swarasudha is going to open its branch in Kalyaninagar(Pune) area also..My principal aim is to propagate Indian classical music among musically common people who are way from classical music..I want to develop awareness among young people & kids who are going to be responsible to strengthen our rich cultural heritage in future.. There are many artistes who are very talented but not getting platform to present themselves.

Swarsudha Baithak is a very small effort to focus on talents & to develop musical awareness among common people through post concert interactive session.. Now a days we artistes have hardly any chance to meet each other to share our art & views..Swarsudha baithak is so fortunate where artistes can unfold their heart to other artistes & audiences to share their views, art & experience which brings forth an intellectual exchange through a joyful musical evening.

Swarsudha baithak is an effort which is aimed for " Music for the sake of music" is not yet under the umbrella of any sponsorship or big banner but promises to deliver an intellectual & musical upliftment among musically dedicated listeners.

I request you all to support this effort which enhances our rich cultural heritage Swara Sudha is a music forum which aims towards the promotion and propagation of the spirits of Indian Classical Music through various activities. The uniqueness of its activities includes organizing of various musical gatherings in form of Baithakis or house concerts. Headed by renowned sitarist Sahana Banerjee, this group is a conglomeration of various talented artists who havein their own way, contributed towards the dissemination of our rich and prolific cultural heritage of Indian Classical Music. Sahana conceptualized the effectiveness of these Baithakis as a pragmatic way of achieving the objectives of this noble cultural venture. In such a concert, unlike a big auditorium based gathering, the audience gets opportunities of having interaction with the performing artist as they sit in the close vicinity. On one hand the artist feels the oneness of being along with the mood of the spectator and on the other side, it is very educative on the part of the listener to watch the musician performing from a closerangle. Over a year in age, Swara Sudha has arranged such recitals almost once in every quarter and various musical luminaries have glorified and enlightened us through their graceful performance. This group is also committed to uphold the young generation musical talents through this initiative.

Swara Sudha is very keen to have more people to be part of this big family. Pune being a big city, a lot of interested people, especially the aged persons might find it difficult to connect themselves if the concerts are always held in certain parts of the city. Keeping this in mind, the plan for such concerts have been of late decentralized. According to the new plan 2 such concerts will be arranged in the eastern part of the city around Kalyaninagar and alternately 2 other concerts will be based from Aundh as it used to be earlier. We are looking forward towards a bigger participation indeed in the coming months, which will pave a smoother path for the progress, propagation and promotion of one of our country’s biggest parampara – the music.