The Official Website of Sahana Banerjee
Sahana Banerjee is one of the most accomplished and outstanding female sitar players of India belonging to the Rampur Senia Gharana. Sahana was born in a family of rich musical heritage AND WAS READILY RECOGNIZED AS A CHILD PRODIGY AT AN EARLY AGE OF FOUR. Her father Prof. Santosh Banerjee, a celebrated "Sitar" & "Surbahar" player of India and former Head of the Department of Instrumental Music of Rabindra Bharati University in Calcutta. Prof. Banerjee was a disciple of famous "Veenkar" Ustad Md. Dabir Khan of Rampur Senia Gharana whose family lineage traces back to Mian tansen himself.

Training : Sahana also received extensive training on vocal music from her illustrious mother Mrs. Chhabi Banerjee, daughter of Sangeetacharya Kashinath Chattopadhyay of Sahaswan Gharana.

Gharana : Sahana's unique presentation reflects the traditional Veenkar Dhrupad Style of Rampur Senia Gharana maintaining the purity of Raga alongwith her own aesthetical blends of Gayaki.

Recognition & awards : Under the tutelage of her father and years of hard training she won the Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Challenge Trophy at the Dover lane Music conference in the year 1990 in Calcutta and was conferred the "Best instrumentalist" award. Apart from being an A graded artist of the All India Radio and Television since 1995, Sahana has also given many prestigious stage performances in India and Europe. Sahana has performed sitar in many occidental music festivals where she performed with famous Italian flutist Massimo Mercelli. Sahana has worked with an unique project is called D'UNE RIVE A'L'UTRE, where Sahana has played with a celebrated Pianist SHANI DILUKA where they presented the theme "FRANZ SCHUBERT meets Indian Classical Music. This programme was organized by RADIO FRANCE in famous museum PETIT PALAIS in PARIS.

Sahana Banerjee received a national award, Ustad Bismilla khan Yuva award( 2013-14) by Sangeet Natak academy , New Delhi in the field of Sitar.